GOIAR – Squad Services

ServiceSquad Agile

We build Agile multidisciplinary teams to provide technological solutions to each client.

Our team cells are build up according to each project in order to achieve the greatest engagement between the squad and the proposed challenge.


Our teams are specialists in performing Fintech integrations.

Agile Methodology

Agile as a culture is cross GOIAR.

Agile as a kingpin

Each Squad develops a relationship with the client in search of getting the most precise vision of the solution. Understanding and synergy between teams is a key factor for meeting objectives, therefore the Agile methodology is the kingpin of our organization, which allows us to deliver value iteratively and incrementally.

API Bank integrations

We optimize your internal process with banking integration solutions to check balance, movements, and others.

Fintech closed ecosystems

We build closed fintech ecosystems, through external integrations, cashin, cashout, CVU, exchanges.


Cloud architecture for financial integrations.

VU cybersecurity integrations

Experts in Fraud module and VU Security onboarding integrations.

Wallets Mobile

Squad front mobile especializados en el desarrollo de billeteras tipo Wallet.

How are the Squads made up?


Their mission is working with the team to achieve the proposed objectives, and to carry out continuous improvement.


It will be the team in charge of designing the architecture and all the functionalities that will make up the solution. They have a common goal and share responsibility for the work they do in each iteration.


Is in charge of ensuring the quality of the product to be delivered, taking in care not only functional aspects but also user experience, response times, responsiveness, among others.


Is in charge of understanding the business, detecting opportunities for improvement, and transferring this knowledge to the technical team. In addition, the QA will support the Scrum Master in the entire team management and in the identification of risks.

Success stories

Squad Agile Integrations

We develop the initial MVP, linking cash in with Provincia NET

International exchange platform, wanted to expand in the region. From Goiar we developed the initial MVP, the cash in with Provincia NET and Rapipago and the cash out for the withdrawal of remittances in Argentina. In addition, we integrate with Thunes for sending international money and GetMati for Onboarding.