GOIAR – Fintech services


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It´s a HUB of FINTECH CLOUD integrations

Play as an accelerator in the construction of fintech ecosystems collaborating in the time to market of your business.

We base our interactions on standard integration models, providing business accelerators against the main Fintech service providers and other ecosystems.

Access to financial services

Marketplace of documented financial services integrations.

Time To Market

Standardized integrations in a single access point, looking favor on launch times.


Robust and scalable SaaS architecture developed with Microservices, allowing monitoring, scalability and governance of each integration


Access to regional financial services for business expansion.

Ecosystem´s Integrations

We believe that the diversity of solutions existing today need greater bridges of links between them to be able to work as a real integral solution.


Proof of life, data exchange, identity validation

Bank Accounts

Collection accounts, CVU, exchanges, inquiries, payments

CashIn - CashOut

Loading money, withdrawing money


QR Payments, shops interface​


Domestic and international exchanges

Are you looking to speed up financial processes?

Success stories

Squad Agile Desarrollo

We develop the initial MVP, linking cash in with Provincia NET

International transfer platform, wanted to expand in the region. From Goiar we developed the initial MVP, linking the cash in with Provincia NET and Rapipago and the cash out for the withdrawal of remittances in Argentina. In addition, we integrate with Thunes for sending international money and GetMati for Onboarding.