GOIAR – About us


Our History

To be disruptive from the beginning, our story was not born in a garage, but in a downtown bar that used to be an office at the time. It was 2014 and we dreamed of a company where the effort and the word of each member are valued and where the attitude is not negotiated, knowing that the only way to give the best service to our clients is by achieving a natural commitment from each member of GOIAR.

"In an increasingly competitive world, we go along with challenges of the new digital economy with innovative solutions."

We are Fintech Partners

50+Clients in Latin America
200+Fintech integrations built
100+IT Professionals building solutions

Our Pillars

Aportamos valor a partir de cuatro diferenciales clave


The technological and operational capacity and human talent for each fintech solution. +7 years of experience in the market. +200 fintech integrations built


We put the client at the center, understanding their needs and co-creating through solid and flexible squads, oriented to fast and quality solutions


We take what the client has and does, seeking to enhance it according to its objectives and trends in the fintech world


Our integrative tools are designed to fit different business and security standards. We provide solutions to banks, financial platforms, tech industries and other sectors.


Our Culture

These values define who we are and are based on 7 pillars

Working environment

We build it together. We motivate ourselves and share a purpose.

Cooperation and Fellowship

The whole is more than the sum of the parts. We consider that we are a team, so we cooperate and help each other.


We make our way by walking. We propose, create, execute, measure and decide. We also fall and get back up.


We consider passion to be a fundamental part of success, and our engine to create.

Trust and Communication

We communicate, we seek feedback to continue improving and we generate relationships of trust and empathy.

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